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  • Is there a way I can attach the Kangaroozie to my backpack?
    Yes. There is a D-ring on the side of the Kangaroozie that you can use to attach to a bag, lanyard, or wrist strap for extra security. It folds back into the foam when not in use.
  • Does it float?
  • Can I fit my phone in the compartment of the Kangaroozie?
    No, a phone will not fit. The Kangaroozie is able to hold smaller belongings such as cash, keys, your ID or fishing license, a small knife, a small lighter, and anything else of similar size.
  • Do you take wholesale orders?
    Yes! We'd love to work with you. Shoot us an email to and we'll send you the wholesale order information.
  • I don't like that everyone can see my valuables through the compartment door.. any solution?
    We understand! That's why we created a Kangaroozie sticker that you can place on the door to hide all of your belongings. They can be purchased for $2.99.
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